Your Brand on the Move: Creating Brand Presence Through Apparel

Transform ordinary apparel into professional brand or personal statements with Prink’s versatile apparel decorating services. From casual wear to professional gear and PPE, we offer a wide range of print technologies to meet your unique needs, including a single garment!

Specialty Applications

Silicone Rubber

Add a premium feel with our specialty applications. From Silicone Rubber that adds a premium vibe, to elegant patches and leather embossing, we provide options that elevate your apparel to meet your brand quality and customer expectations.

Classic Ink

Screen Printing

Experience the classic charm of screen printing. Ideal for bulk orders, and Pantone matching our screen printing process ensures vibrant, durable designs on a variety of fabrics. Perfect for team uniforms, event merchandise, and more.

Full Color Cat Graphic Print

Full Spectrum

Direct to Film

Matching the durability of screen printing, this method offers high-resolution, full-color prints (or photos) with a soft hand, suitable for detailed designs on almost any textile, including waterproofing and leather! 

Stitched Precision


Our embroidery services infuse a high-end, professional look into any garment. Whether it's a delicate monogram or a complex logo, our precise stitching and vibrant thread choices add sophistication and durability. Ideal for corporate wear, team apparel, and bespoke gifts, embroidery by Prink ensures your brand stands out with elegance.

Premium & Breathable

Athletic Apparel

With multiple decoration methods available, we ensure that our athletic apparel prints meet the performance level and style of the garment itself. As a distributor of top athletic brands like Nike and Adidas, we tailor each piece to represent your team's spirit and dedication. Our options include breathable fabrics, flexible printing methods, and dynamic design choices that endure the rigors of sports while showcasing your team's identity.

Man with torch cutting steel beam

Heavy Duty and Safety

Industrial Wear

Stay safe and stay on brand with custom industrial apparel and PPE, including your hard goods or hardhat. Prink is a distributor of trusted brands like Carhartt and Dickies that offer durable, professional safety apparel that combines functionality and branding.